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(edit) @269   9 years xi Fixed Python 2.3 compatibility (thanks to Julian Scheid for suggestion).
(edit) @268   9 years xi Added a YAML lexer for Pygments.
(edit) @267   10 years xi Minor API updates.
(edit) @266   10 years xi Drop doxygen support, add more API documentation, API changes.
(edit) @265   10 years xi Fixed bugs and updated tests.
(edit) @264   10 years xi Another round of API update.
(edit) @263   10 years xi Completed the first phase of API refactoring.
(edit) @262   10 years xi Updated reader.c to use the new API.
(edit) @261   10 years xi API refactoring (Note: it breaks the build).
(edit) @260   10 years xi A single dot is not a float value (fixes #62).
(edit) @259   10 years xi Fixed timestamp output (fixes #60).
(edit) @258   10 years xi Make compose() and load() ensure that the input stream contains a single …
(edit) @257   10 years xi Fixed _yaml.pyx to work with the latest Pyrex.
(edit) @256   10 years xi Created a tag for the 3.05 release.
(edit) @255   10 years xi Added the setup.cfg options for building PyYAML Windows installer.
(edit) @254   10 years xi Update the package version.
(edit) @253   10 years xi Prepare the 3.05 release.
(edit) @252   10 years xi Allow for immutable subclasses of YAMLObject. Fixes #53.
(edit) @251   10 years xi Make the encoding of the unicode->str conversion explicit; fix [52].
(edit) @250   10 years xi Fixed a problem when the DOCUMENT-END event is not emitted until the …
(edit) @249   10 years xi Fixed a problem when the DOCUMENT-END event is not emitted until the …
(edit) @248   11 years xi Improve output of float values. Fix #49.
(edit) @247   11 years xi Add the tests for checking the libyaml bug.
(edit) @246   11 years xi Fix the bug when the path in add_path_resolver contains boolean …
(edit) @245   11 years xi Add project files for Visual Studio 2003.
(edit) @244   11 years xi Fix the example_deconstructor project.
(edit) @243   11 years xi Eliminate some warnings and add more doxygen definitions.
(edit) @242   11 years xi Undefine the NDEBUG directive for the test programs.
(edit) @241   11 years xi Fix a bug in the emitter introduced while fixing warnings for VC6.
(edit) @240   11 years xi Add VC6 projects for the test executables.
(edit) @239   11 years xi Add win32 fixes and project files for VC6.
(edit) @238   11 years xi Add functions for constructing, parsing and emitting YAML documents.
(edit) @237   11 years xi Add const qualifier for yaml_parser_set_input_string parameter …
(edit) @236   11 years xi Force a new line at the end of the input stream even if there are no a new …
(edit) @235   11 years xi Use the types module instead of constructing type objects by hand. Fix …
(edit) @234   11 years xi Fix loss of microsecond precision in datetime.datetime constructor (fix …
(edit) @233   11 years xi Fix loading an empty YAML stream.
(edit) @232   11 years xi Create the 3.04 tag.
(edit) @231   11 years xi Amend the announce message.
(edit) @230   11 years xi Update README and the announcement message.
(edit) @229   11 years xi Fix makefile and add setup.cfg.
(edit) @228   11 years xi Fix a test to work under Python 2.3.
(edit) @227   11 years xi Preparing the next release.
(edit) @226   11 years xi The 'N' plain scalar was still recognized as !!bool. Fix it (close …
(edit) @225   11 years xi Fix timestamp constructing and representing (close #25).
(edit) @224   11 years xi Older versions of gcc do not know about -Wno-pointer-sign.
(edit) @223   11 years xi Completely rewrite the libyaml bindings.
(edit) @222   11 years xi Subclass all base classes from object. Hold references to the objects …
(edit) @221   11 years xi Create the tag for the initial release.
(edit) @220   11 years xi Prepare the initial release.
(edit) @219   11 years xi Add two examples and prepare the build system for distribution.
(edit) @218   11 years xi Fix a bug when a block scalar is incorrectly emitted in the simple key …
(edit) @217   11 years xi Add the run-emitter test.
(edit) @216   11 years xi Fix Emitter bugs and leaks.
(edit) @215   11 years xi Scalar writers are completed.
(edit) @214   11 years xi Implement everything except tag and scalar writers.
(edit) @213   11 years xi Implement Emitter state machine.
(edit) @212   11 years xi Add yaml_emitter_emit_* set of functions.
(edit) @211   11 years xi Add Emitter definitions and implement the Writer.
(edit) @210   11 years xi Fix some leaks, segfaults and warnings.
(edit) @209   11 years xi Update libyaml bindings.
(edit) @208   11 years xi Refactor internal and external API.
(edit) @207   11 years xi Port represent_object from PyYAML: fix Numeric.array dumping.
(edit) @206   11 years xi Fix a bug in Representer.represent_object: copy_reg.dispatch_table was not …
(edit) @205   11 years xi Update PyRex? based bindings to libyaml to include Parser functions.
(edit) @204   11 years xi Fix some minor issues with the new Parser.
(edit) @203   11 years xi Complete the Parser (it requires refactoring though) and fix some bugs.
(edit) @202   11 years xi Implement half of the parsers.
(edit) @201   11 years xi Start working on the parser.
(edit) @200   11 years xi Move yaml/yaml.h to yaml.h and merge version.c to api.c.
(edit) @199   11 years xi Add event constructors and destructors.
(edit) @198   11 years xi To make porting easier, rewrite Parser not using generators. Fix handling …
(edit) @197   11 years xi Fix invalid output of single-quoted scalars in cases when a single quote …
(edit) @196   11 years xi Trying to make libyaml bindings faster.
(edit) @195   11 years xi Add pyrex-based bindings for the libyaml scanner.
(edit) @194   11 years xi Fix numerous bugs in the Scanner.
(edit) @193   11 years xi Release: PyYAML-3.03
(edit) @192   11 years xi Preparing the release: PyYAML-3.03
(edit) @191   11 years xi Fix a typo in a plain scalar scanner.
(edit) @190   11 years xi The scanner is completed (not tested though).
(edit) @189   11 years xi Implement the block scalar scanner.
(edit) @188   11 years xi Fix several problems caused by ill-formed documents. The line number is …
(edit) @187   11 years xi Implement scanners for directives, anchors, and tags.
(edit) @186   11 years xi Scanner: implement everything except token scanners.
(edit) @185   11 years xi Implementing Scanner: macros and high-level functions.
(edit) @184   11 years xi Add scanner definitions. Add a basic description of all tokens produced …
(edit) @183   11 years xi Add token constructors and destructors. Add YAML_DECLARE to the API …
(edit) @182   11 years xi Complete buffering and encoding code.
(edit) @181   11 years xi Complete UTF-8 and UTF-16 decoders. Reader is mostly done (though …
(edit) @180   11 years xi Working on the decoding code.
(edit) @179   11 years xi Implementing Reader: first tries.
(edit) @178   11 years xi Doxygenify the header file. Add basic reader fields to the parser …
(edit) @177   11 years xi Add ind and qnan values to a float test.
(edit) @176   11 years xi Fixed #16 (duplicate keys in dictionary cause unpredictable behavior). …
(edit) @175   11 years xi Optimize slightly the float constructor.
(edit) @174   11 years xi Add a test case belonging to the previous commit.
(edit) @173   11 years xi Revamp the inf/nan handling again.
(edit) @172   11 years xi Add doxygen support.
(edit) @171   11 years xi Add a test case for #15.
(edit) @170   11 years xi Fixed #15 (pyyaml discards '-' sign on negative floats). Thanks to …
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