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(edit) @370   4 years xi Fixed a bug which prevented an empty mapping from being used as a simple …
(edit) @358   6 years xi Added a short note on changes in this release.
(edit) @357   6 years xi Preparing the 0.1.3 release.
(edit) @352   6 years xi Do not update the raw buffer when not necessary (fixes #123).
(edit) @346   6 years xi Fixed non-ANSI initializations (fixes #115).
(edit) @344   6 years xi Set YAML_AGE to 0 as the current interface is not really compatible with …
(edit) @332   6 years xi 'make distclean' should not remove html docs, 'make maintainer-clean' …
(edit) @324   6 years xi Always use lower case in error messages.
(edit) @320   6 years xi Added autoconf rules to distribute win32 project files.
(edit) @318   6 years xi Updated the LibYAML announcement.
(edit) @317   6 years xi Fixed the DLL name in the win32 projects.
(edit) @316   6 years xi Bumped the version number.
(edit) @315   6 years xi Fixed emitting folded scalars with trailing breaks; Forced emitting of a …
(edit) @309   6 years xi Rewritten whitespace detection in the scalar analyzer and block scalar …
(edit) @293   6 years xi Updated Visual Studio projects to use MSVCRT.dll.
(edit) @277   7 years xi Added project files for Visual Studio 2008.
(edit) @273   7 years xi Fixed grammar in error messages (from YAML::XS::LibYAML).
(edit) @271   7 years xi Bumped the version number in the stable branch.
(copy) @270   7 years xi Created a stable branch from revision [250].
copied from libyaml/trunk:
(edit) @250   8 years xi Fixed a problem when the DOCUMENT-END event is not emitted until the …
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