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(edit) @385   6 years xi Merged _WIN32 fix from the stable branch.
(edit) @375   6 years xi Tagged LibYAML 0.1.4
(edit) @374   6 years xi Bumped the version number and updated the announcement.
(edit) @373   6 years xi Added support for pkg-config.
(edit) @372   6 years xi Use _WIN32 instead of WIN32 as the latter is not defined by Visual C.
(edit) @371   7 years xi Fixed pointer arithmetic overflow when calculating the position of a …
(edit) @370   7 years xi Fixed a bug which prevented an empty mapping from being used as a simple …
(edit) @363   8 years xi Tagging the next release.
(edit) @362   8 years xi Property changes.
(edit) @358   8 years xi Added a short note on changes in this release.
(edit) @357   8 years xi Preparing the 0.1.3 release.
(edit) @352   8 years xi Do not update the raw buffer when not necessary (fixes #123).
(edit) @346   8 years xi Fixed non-ANSI initializations (fixes #115).
(edit) @344   8 years xi Set YAML_AGE to 0 as the current interface is not really compatible with …
(edit) @332   8 years xi 'make distclean' should not remove html docs, 'make maintainer-clean' …
(edit) @324   8 years xi Always use lower case in error messages.
(edit) @321   8 years xi Merged the win32 packaging fix.
(edit) @320   8 years xi Added autoconf rules to distribute win32 project files.
(edit) @319   8 years xi Tagged the 0.1.2 release.
(edit) @318   8 years xi Updated the LibYAML announcement.
(edit) @317   8 years xi Fixed the DLL name in the win32 projects.
(edit) @316   8 years xi Bumped the version number.
(edit) @315   8 years xi Fixed emitting folded scalars with trailing breaks; Forced emitting of a …
(edit) @309   8 years xi Rewritten whitespace detection in the scalar analyzer and block scalar …
(edit) @293   9 years xi Updated Visual Studio projects to use MSVCRT.dll.
(edit) @277   9 years xi Added project files for Visual Studio 2008.
(edit) @274   9 years xi Merged grammar fixes from the stable branch.
(edit) @273   9 years xi Fixed grammar in error messages (from YAML::XS::LibYAML).
(edit) @272   9 years xi Tagged the 0.1.1 release (better later than never).
(edit) @271   9 years xi Bumped the version number in the stable branch.
(edit) @270   9 years xi Created a stable branch from revision [250].
(edit) @267   9 years xi Minor API updates.
(edit) @266   9 years xi Drop doxygen support, add more API documentation, API changes.
(edit) @265   9 years xi Fixed bugs and updated tests.
(edit) @264   9 years xi Another round of API update.
(edit) @263   9 years xi Completed the first phase of API refactoring.
(edit) @262   9 years xi Updated reader.c to use the new API.
(edit) @261   9 years xi API refactoring (Note: it breaks the build).
(edit) @250   10 years xi Fixed a problem when the DOCUMENT-END event is not emitted until the …
(edit) @245   10 years xi Add project files for Visual Studio 2003.
(edit) @244   10 years xi Fix the example_deconstructor project.
(edit) @243   10 years xi Eliminate some warnings and add more doxygen definitions.
(edit) @242   10 years xi Undefine the NDEBUG directive for the test programs.
(edit) @241   10 years xi Fix a bug in the emitter introduced while fixing warnings for VC6.
(edit) @240   10 years xi Add VC6 projects for the test executables.
(edit) @239   10 years xi Add win32 fixes and project files for VC6.
(edit) @238   10 years xi Add functions for constructing, parsing and emitting YAML documents.
(edit) @237   10 years xi Add const qualifier for yaml_parser_set_input_string parameter …
(edit) @236   10 years xi Force a new line at the end of the input stream even if there are no a new …
(edit) @224   11 years xi Older versions of gcc do not know about -Wno-pointer-sign.
(edit) @221   11 years xi Create the tag for the initial release.
(edit) @220   11 years xi Prepare the initial release.
(edit) @219   11 years xi Add two examples and prepare the build system for distribution.
(edit) @217   11 years xi Add the run-emitter test.
(edit) @216   11 years xi Fix Emitter bugs and leaks.
(edit) @215   11 years xi Scalar writers are completed.
(edit) @214   11 years xi Implement everything except tag and scalar writers.
(edit) @213   11 years xi Implement Emitter state machine.
(edit) @212   11 years xi Add yaml_emitter_emit_* set of functions.
(edit) @211   11 years xi Add Emitter definitions and implement the Writer.
(edit) @210   11 years xi Fix some leaks, segfaults and warnings.
(edit) @208   11 years xi Refactor internal and external API.
(edit) @203   11 years xi Complete the Parser (it requires refactoring though) and fix some bugs.
(edit) @202   11 years xi Implement half of the parsers.
(edit) @201   11 years xi Start working on the parser.
(edit) @200   11 years xi Move yaml/yaml.h to yaml.h and merge version.c to api.c.
(edit) @199   11 years xi Add event constructors and destructors.
(edit) @194   11 years xi Fix numerous bugs in the Scanner.
(edit) @190   11 years xi The scanner is completed (not tested though).
(edit) @189   11 years xi Implement the block scalar scanner.
(edit) @187   11 years xi Implement scanners for directives, anchors, and tags.
(edit) @186   11 years xi Scanner: implement everything except token scanners.
(edit) @185   11 years xi Implementing Scanner: macros and high-level functions.
(edit) @184   11 years xi Add scanner definitions. Add a basic description of all tokens produced …
(edit) @183   11 years xi Add token constructors and destructors. Add YAML_DECLARE to the API …
(edit) @182   11 years xi Complete buffering and encoding code.
(edit) @181   11 years xi Complete UTF-8 and UTF-16 decoders. Reader is mostly done (though …
(edit) @180   11 years xi Working on the decoding code.
(edit) @179   11 years xi Implementing Reader: first tries.
(edit) @178   11 years xi Doxygenify the header file. Add basic reader fields to the parser …
(edit) @172   11 years xi Add doxygen support.
(edit) @169   11 years xi Add the basic autoconf infrastructure.
(edit) @162   11 years xi Add yaml.h with prototypes for basic structures.
(add) @161   11 years xi Create the place for libyaml.
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