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(edit) @377   4 years xi Clear cyclic references in the parser and the emitter to avoid extra GC …
(edit) @360   6 years xi Preparing the next release.
(edit) @353   6 years xi Fixed a typo in docstring.
(edit) @336   6 years xi Final touches before the release.
(edit) @333   6 years xi Handle the encoding of input and output streams in a uniform way.
(edit) @314   6 years xi Bumped the version number.
(edit) @295   6 years xi Dropped tests from the source distribution since LibYAML bindings do not …
(edit) @282   6 years xi Added attributes yaml.version and yaml.libyaml (fixes …
(edit) @275   6 years xi Use setuptools for Dropped; to build …
(edit) @258   8 years xi Make compose() and load() ensure that the input stream contains a single …
(edit) @252   8 years xi Allow for immutable subclasses of YAMLObject. Fixes #53.
(edit) @223   9 years xi Completely rewrite the libyaml bindings.
(edit) @153   9 years xi Fix #11 (Thanks to edemaine(at)
(edit) @152   9 years xi Add a way to override default style chosen by Representer: fix #9
(edit) @147   9 years xi Add support for pickling/unpickling python objects.
(edit) @146   9 years xi Fix !!python/name for Python 2.3. Clear the yaml module namespace.
(edit) @137   9 years xi Refactor resolver.
(edit) @136   9 years xi Major refactoring.
(edit) @135   9 years xi Fix allow_unicode (ticket:3).
(edit) @133   9 years xi Implement yaml.dump().
(edit) @132   9 years xi Emitter is done!!!
(copy) @63   9 years xi Rename pyyaml-ng to ppyyaml to make it simpler.
copied from pyyaml-ng/trunk/lib/yaml/
(copy) @62   9 years xi Move pyyaml3000 to a separate directory.
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