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(edit) @234   8 years xi Fix loss of microsecond precision in datetime.datetime constructor (fix …
(edit) @225   9 years xi Fix timestamp constructing and representing (close #25).
(edit) @222   9 years xi Subclass all base classes from object. Hold references to the objects …
(edit) @198   9 years xi To make porting easier, rewrite Parser not using generators. Fix handling …
(edit) @195   9 years xi Add pyrex-based bindings for the libyaml scanner.
(edit) @175   9 years xi Optimize slightly the float constructor.
(edit) @173   9 years xi Revamp the inf/nan handling again.
(edit) @170   9 years xi Fixed #15 (pyyaml discards '-' sign on negative floats). Thanks to …
(edit) @168   9 years xi Dynamically determine the inf and nan values. Should fix #14. Thanks to …
(edit) @147   9 years xi Add support for pickling/unpickling python objects.
(edit) @146   9 years xi Fix !!python/name for Python 2.3. Clear the yaml module namespace.
(edit) @142   9 years xi Add support for recursive nodes to Composer. Constructor does not support …
(edit) @139   9 years xi Add constructors for some simple python types.
(edit) @136   9 years xi Major refactoring.
(edit) @133   9 years xi Implement yaml.dump().
(edit) @116   9 years xi Back to work :). Rename markers to marks.
(copy) @63   9 years xi Rename pyyaml-ng to ppyyaml to make it simpler.
copied from pyyaml-ng/trunk/lib/yaml/
(copy) @62   9 years xi Move pyyaml3000 to a separate directory.
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