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(edit) @351   8 years xi Fixed emitting of invalid BOM for UTF-16.
(edit) @347   9 years xi Fixed a bug where folded scalar emitter did not respect the preffered line …
(edit) @345   9 years xi Added a workaround against #116 (Thanks Andrey Somov).
(edit) @333   9 years xi Handle the encoding of input and output streams in a uniform way.
(edit) @328   9 years xi Added basic support for Python 3 (Thanks …
(edit) @313   9 years xi Emit an explicit document end indicator when there is a possibility of …
(edit) @308   9 years xi Refactored whitespace combination detector in the scalar analyzer: support …
(edit) @307   9 years xi Fixed typos in attribute names (Thanks to ingy).
(edit) @304   9 years xi Fixed a problem with emitting block scalars (thanks to Andrey Somov): no …
(edit) @300   9 years xi determine_chomp -> determine_block_hints
(edit) @299   9 years xi Permit emitting block scalars with leading spaces or breaks.
(edit) @222   11 years xi Subclass all base classes from object. Hold references to the objects …
(edit) @218   11 years xi Fix a bug when a block scalar is incorrectly emitted in the simple key …
(edit) @197   11 years xi Fix invalid output of single-quoted scalars in cases when a single quote …
(edit) @153   11 years xi Fix #11 (Thanks to edemaine(at)
(edit) @143   11 years xi Fix bugs in emitter and representer.
(edit) @141   11 years xi Add more unit tests for error messages.
(edit) @137   11 years xi Refactor resolver.
(edit) @136   11 years xi Major refactoring.
(edit) @133   11 years xi Implement yaml.dump().
(edit) @132   11 years xi Emitter is done!!!
(add) @131   11 years xi Working on emitter: implement the state machine.
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