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(edit) @360   8 years xi Preparing the next release.
(edit) @356   8 years xi Added a note that Python 3.1 is supported.
(edit) @349   8 years xi Removed obsolete 'package_dir' line.
(edit) @336   9 years xi Final touches before the release.
(edit) @331   9 years xi Use Cython if available; added Python 3 support to _yaml.pyx.
(edit) @330   9 years xi Share data files between Py2 and Py3 test suites.
(edit) @328   9 years xi Added basic support for Python 3 (Thanks …
(edit) @326   9 years xi Added CHANGES; updated the announcement; wording fixes in
(edit) @325   9 years xi Minor 2.3 and win32 compatibility fixes; clarify the 'feature not found' …
(edit) @322   9 years xi Refactored the test suite; updated include and library paths in setup.cfg.
(edit) @314   9 years xi Bumped the version number.
(edit) @308   9 years xi Refactored whitespace combination detector in the scalar analyzer: support …
(edit) @306   9 years xi Added a comment on Python 3 support.
(edit) @305   9 years xi Added trove classifiers for supported Python versions.
(edit) @301   9 years xi Pretend that PyYAML is a pure Python library when the LibYAML extension is …
(edit) @298   9 years xi Fixed the distutils script to run when installed using easy_install and …
(edit) @295   9 years xi Dropped tests from the source distribution since LibYAML bindings do not …
(edit) @294   9 years xi Python 2.3 and win32 compatibility fixes in
(edit) @292   9 years xi Check if libyaml is installed before attempting to compile the libyaml …
(edit) @290   9 years xi Dropped setuptools-based in favor of custom distribution and …
(edit) @281   9 years xi Added a setuptools installer ''.
(edit) @275   9 years xi Use setuptools for Dropped; to build …
(edit) @254   10 years xi Update the package version.
(edit) @227   11 years xi Preparing the next release.
(edit) @192   11 years xi Preparing the release: PyYAML-3.03
(edit) @165   11 years xi Preparing the next release.
(edit) @156   11 years xi Final touches before the initial release.
(edit) @150   11 years xi Prepare for release. Fix #7.
(copy) @63   12 years xi Rename pyyaml-ng to ppyyaml to make it simpler.
copied from pyyaml-ng/trunk/
(copy) @62   12 years xi Move pyyaml3000 to a separate directory.
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