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(edit) @377   6 years xi Clear cyclic references in the parser and the emitter to avoid extra GC …
(edit) @376   6 years xi Do not attempt to build extensions on platforms other than CPython.
(edit) @369   8 years xi Removed python-porting from the announcement list.
(edit) @367   8 years xi Fixed tests on the Windows platform.
(edit) @366   8 years xi Fixed another encoding issue.
(edit) @364   8 years xi Minor formatting cleanup.
(edit) @361   8 years xi Fixed Python 3.1 incompatibility issues.
(edit) @360   8 years xi Preparing the next release.
(edit) @359   8 years xi Fixed sorting of dict.keys() generator.
(edit) @356   8 years xi Added a note that Python 3.1 is supported.
(edit) @355   8 years xi Merged some bug fixes from lib to lib3.
(edit) @354   8 years xi Fixed a problem with a scanner error not detected when no line break at …
(edit) @353   8 years xi Fixed a typo in docstring.
(edit) @351   8 years xi Fixed emitting of invalid BOM for UTF-16.
(edit) @350   8 years xi Fixed a problem when CDumper incorrectly serializes a node anchor.
(edit) @349   8 years xi Removed obsolete 'package_dir' line.
(edit) @348   8 years xi Fixed the Pyrex implementation of Mark class.
(edit) @347   8 years xi Fixed a bug where folded scalar emitter did not respect the preffered line …
(edit) @345   8 years xi Added a workaround against #116 (Thanks Andrey Somov).
(edit) @343   9 years xi Restored Mark implementation in C as using the Python class causes a …
(edit) @341   9 years xi Fixed a typo in the attribute name (Thanks ingy).
(edit) @339   9 years xi Added a MS VC 6.0 compatibility hack against Cython-generated C sources.
(edit) @337   9 years xi Added directories lib/yaml and lib3/yaml to
(edit) @336   9 years xi Final touches before the release.
(edit) @335   9 years xi Minor compatibility fixes.
(edit) @334   9 years xi Fixed str/bytes issues with Python 3 in _yaml.pyx.
(edit) @333   9 years xi Handle the encoding of input and output streams in a uniform way.
(edit) @331   9 years xi Use Cython if available; added Python 3 support to _yaml.pyx.
(edit) @330   9 years xi Share data files between Py2 and Py3 test suites.
(edit) @329   9 years xi Fixed the remaining Python 3 compatibility issues.
(edit) @328   9 years xi Added basic support for Python 3 (Thanks …
(edit) @326   9 years xi Added CHANGES; updated the announcement; wording fixes in
(edit) @325   9 years xi Minor 2.3 and win32 compatibility fixes; clarify the 'feature not found' …
(edit) @323   9 years xi Fixed an issue with ReaderError? generated by the LibYAML wrapper.
(edit) @322   9 years xi Refactored the test suite; updated include and library paths in setup.cfg.
(edit) @314   9 years xi Bumped the version number.
(edit) @313   9 years xi Emit an explicit document end indicator when there is a possibility of …
(edit) @312   9 years xi Fixed test errors for LibYAML bindings; added a test on emitting nodes in …
(edit) @311   9 years xi Minor fixes in the test subsystem to prevent failures in LibYAML bindings …
(edit) @310   9 years xi Fixed a bug in CDumper when ascend_resolver() is never called.
(edit) @308   9 years xi Refactored whitespace combination detector in the scalar analyzer: support …
(edit) @307   9 years xi Fixed typos in attribute names (Thanks to ingy).
(edit) @306   9 years xi Added a comment on Python 3 support.
(edit) @305   9 years xi Added trove classifiers for supported Python versions.
(edit) @304   9 years xi Fixed a problem with emitting block scalars (thanks to Andrey Somov): no …
(edit) @303   9 years xi Removed unused variable.
(edit) @302   9 years xi Removed a stale comment; fixes #102.
(edit) @301   9 years xi Pretend that PyYAML is a pure Python library when the LibYAML extension is …
(edit) @300   9 years xi determine_chomp -> determine_block_hints
(edit) @299   9 years xi Permit emitting block scalars with leading spaces or breaks.
(edit) @298   9 years xi Fixed the distutils script to run when installed using easy_install and …
(edit) @296   9 years xi Final touches in README.
(edit) @295   9 years xi Dropped tests from the source distribution since LibYAML bindings do not …
(edit) @294   9 years xi Python 2.3 and win32 compatibility fixes in
(edit) @292   9 years xi Check if libyaml is installed before attempting to compile the libyaml …
(edit) @291   9 years xi Added the script tests/
(edit) @290   9 years xi Dropped setuptools-based in favor of custom distribution and …
(edit) @287   9 years xi Fixed include_dirs and library_dirs for the Windows build.
(edit) @285   9 years xi Updated the manifest file.
(edit) @283   9 years xi Updated announcement.msg.
(edit) @282   9 years xi Added attributes yaml.version and yaml.libyaml (fixes …
(edit) @281   9 years xi Added a setuptools installer ''.
(edit) @280   9 years xi Updated Makefile to use ' --with-libyaml'.
(edit) @279   9 years xi Updated README, announcement and MANIFEST files for the 3.06 release.
(edit) @278   9 years xi Updated setup.cfg to use the stable branch of libyaml; added Python 2.6 …
(edit) @276   9 years xi Added a test for single dot being a float bug.
(edit) @275   9 years xi Use setuptools for Dropped; to build …
(edit) @269   9 years xi Fixed Python 2.3 compatibility (thanks to Julian Scheid for suggestion).
(edit) @268   9 years xi Added a YAML lexer for Pygments.
(edit) @260   10 years xi A single dot is not a float value (fixes #62).
(edit) @258   10 years xi Make compose() and load() ensure that the input stream contains a single …
(edit) @257   10 years xi Fixed _yaml.pyx to work with the latest Pyrex.
(edit) @255   10 years xi Added the setup.cfg options for building PyYAML Windows installer.
(edit) @254   10 years xi Update the package version.
(edit) @253   10 years xi Prepare the 3.05 release.
(edit) @252   10 years xi Allow for immutable subclasses of YAMLObject. Fixes #53.
(edit) @251   10 years xi Make the encoding of the unicode->str conversion explicit; fix [52].
(edit) @249   10 years xi Fixed a problem when the DOCUMENT-END event is not emitted until the …
(edit) @248   10 years xi Improve output of float values. Fix #49.
(edit) @247   10 years xi Add the tests for checking the libyaml bug.
(edit) @246   10 years xi Fix the bug when the path in add_path_resolver contains boolean …
(edit) @235   11 years xi Use the types module instead of constructing type objects by hand. Fix …
(edit) @234   11 years xi Fix loss of microsecond precision in datetime.datetime constructor (fix …
(edit) @233   11 years xi Fix loading an empty YAML stream.
(edit) @231   11 years xi Amend the announce message.
(edit) @230   11 years xi Update README and the announcement message.
(edit) @229   11 years xi Fix makefile and add setup.cfg.
(edit) @228   11 years xi Fix a test to work under Python 2.3.
(edit) @227   11 years xi Preparing the next release.
(edit) @226   11 years xi The 'N' plain scalar was still recognized as !!bool. Fix it (close …
(edit) @225   11 years xi Fix timestamp constructing and representing (close #25).
(edit) @223   11 years xi Completely rewrite the libyaml bindings.
(edit) @222   11 years xi Subclass all base classes from object. Hold references to the objects …
(edit) @218   11 years xi Fix a bug when a block scalar is incorrectly emitted in the simple key …
(edit) @209   11 years xi Update libyaml bindings.
(edit) @206   11 years xi Fix a bug in Representer.represent_object: copy_reg.dispatch_table was not …
(edit) @205   11 years xi Update PyRex? based bindings to libyaml to include Parser functions.
(edit) @204   11 years xi Fix some minor issues with the new Parser.
(edit) @198   11 years xi To make porting easier, rewrite Parser not using generators. Fix handling …
(edit) @197   11 years xi Fix invalid output of single-quoted scalars in cases when a single quote …
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