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#253 Making a quiet nan results in an infinite loop on a bifferboard new xi task highest pyyaml-legacy
#254 Errors with Numpy Dtypes new xi defect normal pyyaml
#258 Any interest in tox and/or Travis CI for testing? new xi enhancement normal pyyaml
#264 yaml.load() fails to load a dict just saved by yaml.dump() new xi defect normal pyyaml
#273 PyYAML doesn't dump python dictionary correctly if it only contains strings, numbers and/or booleans new xi defect normal pyyaml
#278 Cannot load __hash__able objects in mapping keys new xi defect normal pyyaml
#283 PyYaml does not create logging handler classes correctly in Python 2.7 new xi defect normal pyyaml-legacy
#284 If install prefix is not standard then package config file reports incorrect include path new xi defect normal libyaml
#285 List items printed as dict new xi defect normal pyyaml
#10 merge map doesnt work as it should ... I think assigned xi defect normal pyyaml
#34 Making it easier to use libyaml in PyYAML assigned xi defect normal pyyaml
#45 YAML-RPC assigned xi enhancement normal pyyaml
#57 dump(): Insert a "blank line" after the end of an element assigned xi enhancement normal pyyaml-legacy
#67 PySyck does not work on 64 bit machine assigned xi defect normal pysyck
#72 Building libyaml with CMake assigned xi enhancement low libyaml
#76 Sets are dumped with null values assigned xi defect normal pyyaml-legacy
#233 Enable libyaml be built as shared library (DLL) assigned xi enhancement normal libyaml
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