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#150 invalid Typo in emitter.c xi spitzak@…

Reported by spitzak@…, 5 years ago.


In libyaml stable branch there appears to be a typo, here is a patch:

--- src/emitter.c       (revision 369)
+++ src/emitter.c       (working copy)
@@ -1154,7 +1154,7 @@

-            if (!yaml_emitter_check_empty_sequence(emitter))
+            if (!yaml_emitter_check_empty_mapping(emitter))
                 return 0;
             length += emitter->anchor_data.anchor_length
                 + emitter->tag_data.handle_length
#330 invalid SPAM xi sophie.belmore@…

Reported by sophie.belmore@…, 4 months ago.


I'd like to state this first. I've had readings for 4 years and while I believe in folks with these kinds of skills, the unhappy truth is that a geat price of them are just scam artists. Anyway after trying many and investigating the complete subject, here are my decisions on how best to pick an accurate, genuine and moral reader:

-I know it sounds cliche, but check their feeback first.-Perhaps Not the percentage, the genuine opinions left by others & most importantly their followups(if any). I'd attempted here a couple of 100% postive feedback readers, rather than only their predictions have not attested, these were other individuals leaving follow up comments who got virtually the exact same answer. One particular reader even said that something was going to take place in last Feb/March? and to my surprise a followup was left by 5 other individuals stating that their predictions haven't happened in Feb/March? as guaranteed No wonder how this seller always replied fast-there's some noticeable copy and paste stuff going on I suppose lol. Additionally be careful with viewers that regardless of the mumber of good feedback, have absolutely no followup comments even believed they have already been reading on for more than a year. I've detected that a lot of individuals assure to depart an optimistic followup remark when their predictions come true and in the end, they don't. Guess what? In the event you adored this short article along with you wish to get more information regarding accurate psychic readings ( Read the Full Report) generously stop by our own site. Yes, they most likely haven't arrived true. When they came true and these were trully met together with the reader, then they'd leave a compliments and return again.-It's only human nature....

  • An accurate genuine psychic, will not only answer YES or NO questions without offering some depth. It truly surprises me how many individuals buy these types of readings, then whine that they got 4/8 right or less. I'ts a waste money and no better in relation to the classic 8ball, feel me..
  • A true naturally talented psychic will never ask you questions regarding your own life and background. It Is a common trick scam readers use to provide a cold reading and get you consider when they're really merely figuring that they actually know more about you. A genuine reader will pick up on things, without provided or requesting much info from you.
  • If you are not open to listen to the reality and express your hopes and fears to the reader regarding the result of a predicament, afterward do not get upset if the prediction's have not came to pass as well as your reading was 'sugar coated'. The reader only took advantage of your exposure to make you come back and squander more money. It's not only their fault, it is yours as well.
  • A true and moral reader, will not try to manipulate you to purchase more readings or spellwork making  chilling claims like "you have now been cursed" or "I will need a big pile of cash to cast a love spell for you personally" .I have seen that lots of scam artists provide free readings/advice at first to tempt you in and they are making all this bizzare claims to get you to pay them out of panic. Even if you're truly cursed, they won't desire a lot more than $20 to eliminate this negativity-you may also do it on your own at home. If you are told by a seller these afterward save your cash and energy and RUN.

-watch out for psychics which make large claims like "I've a superb/perfect reputation" or "I am 99 or even 100%" precise." Noone is 100% precise and 99 % accurate psychics are incredibly incredibly rare. Additionally many genuine psychics, cannot predict accurately timeframes but their predictions do eventually happen. I generally give a couple months or more previous the time frame given to see whether they are right, but in case a reader keeps extenting their time frame constantly and nothing happens, they are simply lying..

-An accurate and moral reader will not get defensive or blow off you when you need some clarification or inquire something about the reading which did not quite make any sense to u. Of program he/she will not be in a position to reply significantly more than a couple of questions as it's fairly time plus energy have, but when he/she completely dismisses you or is being unkind they may be unethical and most probably not genuine.

-Last-Trust your gut. If you 'feel' that you just will not have any actual connection with a certain psychic, subsequently choose someone else which you feel attracted to.

Trust I helped.

#166 wontfix PyYAML should use libyaml if libyaml available xi sgwong

Reported by sgwong, 4 years ago.


Currently PyYAML only use python implementation although the libyaml available. The following simple changes on should do: (I'm not sure whats the use of __with_libyaml__)

__version__ = '3.09'

    from cyaml import *
    __with_libyaml__ = True
    Loader = CLoader
    Dumper = CDumper
except ImportError:
    __with_libyaml__ = False 
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