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#65 worksforme Noise in output xi miki@…

Reported by miki@…, 7 years ago.


Sometimes when dumping a large dictionary, some stray "--" are generated.

The dictionary of type (string -> list). Example output:

- icco
- oecd
- un
--- - iea
- eca
- adb-africa
- adb-asia

I can provide a test case that cases the error on my machine, mail me.

#137 fixed PROPOSED FIX:memory corruption and bad aliases xi cegner@…

Reported by cegner@…, 5 years ago.


Libyaml 0.1.2 fails to serialize python longs correctly. The pure python implementation produces correct output. This is a major issue for us since we make heavy use of yaml and the pure python implementation is too slow for our needs (not a criticism, just a statement of fact).

I've given this 'blocker' severity and high priority since long is a basic python type. If this is inappropriate, please let me know. When is the next scheduled release of libyaml?

Minimal test case:

>>> import yaml
>>> from yaml import Dumper
>>> from yaml import CDumper
>>> yaml.__version__
>>> # libyaml doesn't have __version__ support but is 0.1.2

>>> d = { 'hourEastern': 20L, 'hour_eastern': 20L }
>>> yaml.dump( d, Dumper = CDumper )
'{hourEastern: &20 !!python/long 20, hour_eastern: *id001}\n'
>>> yaml.dump( d, Dumper = Dumper )
"{hourEastern: &id001 !!python/long '20', hour_eastern: *id001}\n"

#5 fixed PYYAML3000 does not load recursive structures. xi pkmurphy@…

Reported by pkmurphy@…, 8 years ago.


PYYAML does not load any structure with an anchor that contains its own alias. For example:

ourconst2 = "---\n!!seq &base [ *base ] \n...\n"; print ourconst2; for event in yaml.parse(ourconst2): print event ourload = yaml.safe_load(ourconst2) print ourload;

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