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#92 worksforme PyYAML installer for windows with libYAML binding xi anonymous

Reported by anonymous, 9 years ago.


Can anyone create a windows installer for PyYAML with libYAML binding? the current PyYAML installer doesn't have libYAML binding and it is quite slow to load a big YAML file compare to PySyck.

#163 fixed PyYAML is not installable with Jython xi olt@…

Reported by olt@…, 7 years ago.


Installing PyYaml? with pip install under Jython doesn't work on a system that has a compiler. It checks for libyaml compatibility and then errors: "Compiling extensions is not supported on Jython"

Solution: Don't add ext_module for platform.system() == Java. See patch.

#12 fixed PyYAML is slow xi edemaine@…

Reported by edemaine@…, 11 years ago.


Here are two simple wall-clock timings comparing PyYAML to PySyck on a Pentium 4 2.8GHz with 1MB cache and 1GB RAM:

$ wc file1.yaml
 2036  8767 59154 file1
$ file1.yaml
0:00:00.001419 to read the YAML via Syck
0:00:04.029627 to read the YAML via PyYAML
$ wc file2.yaml
  8949  35105 317342 file2
$ file2.yaml
0:00:00.001564 to read the YAML via Syck
0:00:19.288912 to read the YAML via PyYAML

I do not expect PyYAML to be terribly competitive with Syck: the language barrier is big, and PyYAML is written with a higher level of abstraction. But I was surprised to see a factor of 12,000 difference. I wonder if a bit of profiling and tuning might reduce this gap to just a couple of orders of magnitude (100x) instead of four? Personally, 19 seconds to read a 0.3 meg file is too slow for my application, so I'll have to switch back to Syck for now, unfortunately. Just food for thought...

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