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#66 worksforme ScannerError in fetch_more_tokens xi Takanao Endoh <djmchl@…>

Reported by Takanao Endoh <djmchl@…>, 10 years ago.

>>> import yaml
>>> yaml.load(" 'spam: %' ")
'spam: %'
>>> yaml.load(" spam: % ")
Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "/Volumes/data/pylib/src/yaml/", line 257, in fetch_more_tokens
    % ch.encode('utf-8'), self.get_mark())
ScannerError: while scanning for the next token
found character '%' that cannot start any token
  in "<string>", line 1, column 8:
     spam: % 
#68 wontfix PyYAML don't load datetime objects dumped with PySyck xi miki@…

Reported by miki@…, 10 years ago.

>>> from datetime import datetime
>>> now =
>>> import syck
>>> a = {"t": now}
>>> yaml.load(syck.dump(a))

Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "<pyshell#9>", line 1, in <module>
  File "yaml/", line 66, in load
  File "yaml/", line 38, in get_data
  File "yaml/", line 46, in construct_document
  File "yaml/", line 394, in construct_yaml_map
  File "yaml/", line 207, in construct_mapping
  File "yaml/", line 132, in construct_mapping
  File "yaml/", line 87, in construct_object
  File "yaml/", line 410, in construct_undefined
ConstructorError: could not determine a constructor for the tag '!timestamp'
  in "<string>", line 2, column 4:
    t: !timestamp 2007-10-19T14:08:44.5 ... 
#69 invalid scalar value of escaped double-newline parsed as a single newline xi anonymous

Reported by anonymous, 10 years ago.


When parsing the following: terminator : "\n\n"

The value of the right side scalar is returned as \n, rather than \n\n. Likewise, four newlines ("\n\n\n\n") is parsed as three ("\n\n\n").

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