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#181 fixed No symbols exported from yaml.dll xi pxn11432@…

Reported by pxn11432@…, 7 years ago.


yaml.dll built in vs2008 doesn't export any symbols.

It has been corrected by declaring WIN32 pre-processor macro in yamldll.vcproj project.


#188 fixed pyyaml 3.09 fails to build with gcc4.6 xi ubuntu@…

Reported by ubuntu@…, 6 years ago.


In the next Ubuntu release we will be using gcc4.6. pyyaml fails to build with it. The failure is:

Function `PyCObject_FromVoidPtr' implicitly converted to pointer at ext/_yaml.c:20301 Function `PyCObject_FromVoidPtr' implicitly converted to pointer at ext/_yaml.c:20301

The full build log is available at:

#2 invalid Does PySyck support python pickling xi tom.denniston@…

Reported by tom.denniston@…, 11 years ago.


PySyck looks very cool.

However, it would be ideal if you could pickle an object in YAML format. In other words if a load of the yaml restored the object as an object not a dictionary. Not sure if this functionality exists but I cannot get it to work.


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