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#69 invalid scalar value of escaped double-newline parsed as a single newline xi anonymous

Reported by anonymous, 10 years ago.


When parsing the following: terminator : "\n\n"

The value of the right side scalar is returned as \n, rather than \n\n. Likewise, four newlines ("\n\n\n\n") is parsed as three ("\n\n\n").

#70 worksforme really slow on large input ... xi…

Reported by…, 10 years ago.


yaml.load appears to be really (really) slow on large input. My string is

--- seqno : 1 outof : 1 result :

  • <1.6Mbyte string>

Both the input and output are fairly simple. Why does it take a long time to parse?


#71 wontfix libyaml does not build with MinGW xi clive.crous@…

Reported by clive.crous@…, 10 years ago.


I'm unable to build libyaml under MinGW due to assumtions within the source code that "WIN32" means Visual Studio. I use gcc, even in windows.

Simple patch to yaml.h#260 fixes this =>

  • yaml.h

    2727/** The public API declaration. */ 
    29 #ifdef WIN32 
     29#if defined(WIN32) && !defined(__GNUC__) 
    3030#   if defined(YAML_DECLARE_STATIC) 
    3131#       define  YAML_DECLARE(type)  type 
    3232#   elif defined(YAML_DECLARE_EXPORT) 

Thanks, Clive

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