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#51 fixed Won't emit a document until the next document is available xi edward@…

Reported by edward@…, 7 years ago.


parse_document_end won't emit an event until it has seen the next token after the document end. This makes it difficult to use PyYAML to parse live streams of documents in a timely way, because the next document may not actually be available for some undetermined amount of time.

Using PyYAML-3.04.

#333 invalid Top 10 resources to dam porn from your PC xi ernestdresdner@…

Reported by ernestdresdner@…, 12 days ago.


In the face of the deluge of accessible pornographic pictures of child abuse - often called child-porn - available online, it may seem that there's little you can do to shield your children, or your-self, from this type of content. This is not authentic.

Here are eight crucial tools and approaches to  remove - or significantly reduce - the dangers of you or your kid coming across pornographic content.

Eight tools to aid block internet pornography In case you youngster uses services like YouTube?, be sure you've set the "safe" style on those platforms as well.

Utilize the family safety tools supplied by your computer's/other device's OS: Both Windows and mac oss provide family security settings. Use family safety tool services: Occasionally called parental controls, these tools let you set specific filters to block varieties of content you find unsuitable. This isn't merely something to affect youth; plenty of adults prefer to filter out pornographic and other types of content - and dislike like violence The appropriateness of some kinds of content will change as kids develop; other kinds of content may always be  unacceptable. To locate the tools which best fit your household's needs, search for parental-handle or fam-safety-instrument reviews. Bear in mind that these tools need to be installed on every device your son or daughter uses to go online: cellular phones, gaming consoles, tablet PC, private laptops and computers. Some services have protection for all sorts of devices, others are restricted to only computers or telephones.

Occasionally examine your kids's browser background. Should you see strange search phrases, give the websites a fast look. Have your children limit access to their social networking sites to only known mates, and keep their sites private. A good deal of pornography is shared among personal records on social media sites. If you have virtually any inquiries relating to in which as well as the way to work with  how to block porn on computer, you'll be able to contact us with our own internet site. Scan the photographs in your kid's mobile phone once in a while. While the youngest kids are not sexting, by the time they've hit their tweens they have begun participating in this type of behaviour. Let your kids understand that once in awhile you may sit down with them and proceed through the pictures they have stored on their telephone. Review the programs your kid has downloaded for their cellphone or tablet PC. Mobile content filters may not catch all the potentially improper programs. You are your strongest tool. No technical obstructing option alone is sufficient to protect a motivated kid or teen from uncovering porn online. Have the "chat" on a continuing basis together with your children and partner about the content your fam finds proper and inappropriate; this exchange should never be a-one-time dialogue. Adolescents in certain may balk in the conversations, but they do listen far more than you might envision. To get more information about your influence in your adolescents' lives, see Psst! Parents! They're going to listen to you personally, if you confer with your teen, and USA Today's post Teens do listen.

#18 worksforme [bug] nested dictionnary load works dump doesn't xi eugene@…

Reported by eugene@…, 8 years ago.

import yaml
a: 1
    ba: 1
    bb: 2


 'a: 1\nb: {ba: 1, bb: 2}\n'

pyYaml 3.0.3 - Python 2.4.3 - Windows XP

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