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#177 fixed Secirity risk: easy_install reads a wiki page to get tarball path xi upadhyay@…

Reported by upadhyay@…, 7 years ago.


This is a *huge* security risk. Anyone can modify the wiki page:, adding a malicious tarball location, that will be downloaded by easy_install and run as root on everyone who tries to install PyYAML.

At the very least please make the wiki page editable by only few people. Or make the pypi download location point to something more "reliable".

#188 fixed pyyaml 3.09 fails to build with gcc4.6 xi ubuntu@…

Reported by ubuntu@…, 6 years ago.


In the next Ubuntu release we will be using gcc4.6. pyyaml fails to build with it. The failure is:

Function `PyCObject_FromVoidPtr' implicitly converted to pointer at ext/_yaml.c:20301 Function `PyCObject_FromVoidPtr' implicitly converted to pointer at ext/_yaml.c:20301

The full build log is available at:

#2 invalid Does PySyck support python pickling xi tom.denniston@…

Reported by tom.denniston@…, 11 years ago.


PySyck looks very cool.

However, it would be ideal if you could pickle an object in YAML format. In other words if a load of the yaml restored the object as an object not a dictionary. Not sure if this functionality exists but I cannot get it to work.


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