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#323 invalid SPAM xi ahmad_braswell@…

Reported by ahmad_braswell@…, 4 months ago.


The Pax vaporizer is a slick portable unit created with a business called Ploom. This matter is exceptionally advanced and has some cool, unique characteristics that set it apart from the others.

The most amazing thing about the Pax is how simple it's to use. Everything you need to do, from packing the chamber, to altering heat setting, to using draws, to charging it, is super easy and user-friendly.

Not merely could it be simple to utilize, it's also quite little and discreet, which are equally significant items to think about when choosing a good portable vape.

So apart from that it's also quite efficient at vaping your herbaceous plants, and supplies above-typical vapor quality and taste. The oven (or warming chamber) is designed to optimize the surface of the herbs being warmed, which helps raise the caliber and strength of the vapour.

Overall I'm really satisfied with the Pax, and I am glad to see the direction they went with it. If more vaporizer producers begin thinking the way Ploom does we're all-in to get a real treat with future devices.

To purchase a Pax from an authorized dealer I would suggest you store here. I've been purchasing vapes from them to get a long time and they have ever been trusted, therefore definitely check them out if you plan on building a vape buy online.

If you scroll down just a little bit you'll see another video I made using the Pax revealing the vapor production you may get from it, and that i also review some usage tips and frequently asked questions.

I also suggest checking out this blog post which has a few hints & tricks about how to get optimum vapor generation and the way to apply this vape with as very little as 0.15g of stuff.

Keeping this unit clean and lubricated is also important for optimal functioning, therefore I made this video demonstrating how you can clean it and apply the mouthpiece lubricant (it is simple).

The Filthy Information

Mouthpiece is recessed - You click on the peak of the mouthpiece and it climbs for you. This means that the mouthpiece is literally in the device. That Is in a position to maintain the Pax compact.

3 Temperature Options - Orange (390), yellowish (370), and crimson (410). We enjoy the crimson. More vapour plus a speedier smoke. We discover that it doesn't medicate as tough on the low settings.

Heat up time -

Battery lifetime - About an hour and half on reddish temperature before you really need to charge it. If you wanna check always if you need to charge it, all you do is shake it and it'll suggest what its charging. It'll take about 45 minutes to an hour.

Little - Probably the highest quality about it vape. It is simple to place it in your pocket without it filling your pocket or appearing goofy.

Unobtrusive - Another amazing quality of the Pax is that it doesn't actually look like a smoking gear. So many people mistake it for some new gadget.

Adequate chamber for being a portable - Holds about .15-.25. This Can Be pretty enormous in comparison to other portable vapes. It could be seen as a drawback although because when you examine it to other vapes, you're able to set more in, but usually times you do not even desire it thanks to the efficacy of a  vaporizer. You may expect about 10 attracts from a packing.

Very simple to use - there are lots of other vapes that are far more challenging to use. The Pax is pretty much a pack and go type deal. This makes it much less difficult to use over pretty much all another vapes out there.

Lastingness - It Is permanent for sure.

Layout - Does the layout get considerably better? It Is like Steve Careers designed this sucker before he passed. Gotta love it.

The Possibly Poor?

There Is plenty of things hard to  discover erroneous using the Pax. It really is a great vape, which is why it's our Number 1 portable and finest overall. We Have produce a couple matters that we view as potentially awful. These things aren't necessarily poor, but only in comparison to other vaporizers. With such a little vaporizer, there will be some limits.

Little herb chamber. Should you loved this information and you would love to receive much more information about  Pax Vaporizer Review generously visit our web-site. I merely said it was decent did not I? Well, in comparison to other vaporizers total .25 is not much at all to package. It might leave you always packaging if you are using it greatly with friends.

Medicates well, but not THE FINEST. It doesn't medicate you as much as something similar to the Volcano although it's the most effective mobile vaporizer, when you examine it to traditional house vaporizers would

#222 invalid Cant seem to install pyyaml on mac os x lion anonymous alex.kikinis7@…

Reported by alex.kikinis7@…, 3 years ago.


I downloaded pyyaml form this link on the nltk site. i see it is not the latest version, shouldnt matter right? anywyas followed readme instructions (unclear at best) all they said was type 'python install' i opened a terminal window and did just that, but receicved the following error python: can't open file '': [Errno 2] No such file or directory not sure what to do, not experienced in programming or anything, just getting started

#15 fixed pyyaml discards '-' sign on negative floats xi alex_(a)_alexmole_(o)_co_(o)_uk

Reported by alex_(a)_alexmole_(o)_co_(o)_uk, 8 years ago.


yaml.load( 'foo: -3.1' ) returns {'foo': 3.10000}

The same technique preserves the sign of integers though, so I presume it must be a bug rather than a yaml feature.

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