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#102 fixed remove confusing comment xi py4fun@…

Reported by py4fun@…, 9 years ago.


please remove confusing comment in parser (generators are not used in parser)

#70 worksforme really slow on large input ... xi…

Reported by…, 10 years ago.


yaml.load appears to be really (really) slow on large input. My string is

--- seqno : 1 outof : 1 result :

  • <1.6Mbyte string>

Both the input and output are fairly simple. Why does it take a long time to parse?


#157 invalid pyyaml-3.09 dumps core xi rich@…

Reported by rich@…, 8 years ago.


I'm not sure how to provide a small demonstration here.

In the "spread" module, (SpreadModule? on pypi), there is a type spread.MembershipMsg? which contains a "group_id", spread.MembershipMsg?.group_id. The group_id is an opaque type. I'm not sure how to generate one of these easily aside from bringing up a spread system, which seems like overkill.

In any case, attempting to serialize this opaque type with pyyaml results in a python core dump.

I recognize that pyyaml can't possibly know how to serialize or unserialize this sort of object. However, I think that attempting to do so should result in a suitable exception rather than an interpreter core dump.

I'll find another way around my problem. But chasing down this dump took me a couple of days. If it had been an exception, I'd have found the problem in minutes.

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