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#23 fixed Dictionary output not sorted. xi tim.hochberg@…

Reported by tim.hochberg@…, 11 years ago.


It is convenient to have YAML's output be consistent across runs. Some representers in PyYaml? do this already, but the dictionaries do not. I implemented a quick fix by replacing represent_dict with:

    def represent_dict(self, data):
        items = data.items()
        return self.represent_mapping(u',2002:map', items)

It might also be convenient to have custom sort orders as PyYaml? legacy does, but that's a bigger change.

#24 worksforme dictionaries without at least one list element as values seem not to work xi anonymous

Reported by anonymous, 11 years ago.

>>> print yaml.dump({'name': 'Silenthand Olleander', 'race': 'Human', 'traits': 1})
{traits: 1, race: Human, name: Silenthand Olleander}
>>> print yaml.dump({'name': 'Silenthand Olleander', 'race': 'Human', 'traits': [1,2]})

traits: [1, 2]
race: Human
name: Silenthand Olleander

it seems without a list as at least one value element in dict the dump is not working properly

#25 fixed Constructor and representer for datetimes with timezone do not match xi lele@…

Reported by lele@…, 11 years ago.


I noticed what seems a little glitch in PyYAML handling of datetime when they carry a timezone.

The regexp used to match the various fields assumes there is a separator between the fractional part and the timezone offset, while the representer simply appends the offset without any separator, effectively resulting in a wrong representation (in the case the offset is positive).

Moreover, unicode(data.utcoffset()) gives something like "-1 day, 22:00" for an offset of -2 hours.

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