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#169 wontfix PyYAML fails to load mapping keys of sequence type xi sedie@…

Reported by sedie@…, 4 years ago.


The following YAML code is taken directly from an example given in the YAML 1.1 specification and fails to load with PyYAML, giving the error message: found unacceptable key (unhashable type: 'list').

? - Detroit Tigers
  - Chicago cubs
  - 2001-07-23

? [ New York Yankees,
    Atlanta Braves ]
: [ 2001-07-02, 2001-08-12,
    2001-08-14 ]

The problem most likely arises because Python lists are not hashable and cannot be used as dict keys. A possible solution may be to detect this special case and coerce YAML !!seq types to Python tuples before constructing the dictionaries that they are a part of.

#332 invalid I need to find out the proper legal highs for me xi samanthahayner@…

Reported by samanthahayner@…, 8 days ago.


What makes a great headshop? For me, among the biggest variables is choice. I prefer to walk right into a head shop having a lot of varied assortment, and things on the ledge. I like to see the amazing things; items the typical headshop does not take. I love to see headshops that only stock quality merchandise, instead of a bunch of junk crammed right into a shopfront with a single case or ledge with quality items.

Obviously a major factor (arguably the biggest!) is prices. Finally, a  huge matter I look for is customer support. Is there something worse than frequenting a headshop were the staff comes with an approach? There's a really well-known headshop here in Oregon that I won't ever go to again because I obtained the worst customer service of all time.

A dope consumer's first headshop experience is typically something they recall the rest of the lives. I definitely remember my first visit to your headshop. Looking back, the prices were outlandish, as well as the quality was missing, but from the being so impressed that there were shops wholly dedicated to counterculture. If you have any inquiries regarding where and the best ways to use  legal highs, you could contact us at the website. Considering there are numerous companies struggling to infiltrate the industry, I truly expect that local headshops remain around. In the end, Wal-Mart just does not recognize counterculture!

Among my best friends on earth owns a headshop in Salem, Oregon (Smokey's). I remember when he started in 2002. It was a huge step, and I vividly remember having the conversation with him about what makes a headshop fantastic, and how he was going to be better than everybody else. Smokey was the one that took me in to my first headshop therefore several years ago, and I'm always happy to go into his shop and observe how wonderful it truly is.

I do not constantly purchase things, but I merely like to see what models local artists are developing, and what distinct states consider to be 'the best.' I am going to begin a sequence on TWB looking for the best headshops on the West-Coast and beyond. What's The best headshop in your region? Please leave it below in the comments, and who knows, if I'm in the area I might just have to stop by and write a review ;)

#21 duplicate yaml emitter bug xi rwb123@…

Reported by rwb123@…, 8 years ago.


The following code produces bad yaml output, which subsequently dies in the yaml.load(). This is with pyyaml 3.0.3 on python 2.4.1.

import yaml

e = {"texas: '": 92.5}
yammy = yaml.dump(e)
print yammy
e2 = yaml.load(yammy)
print e2

The yaml output is:

$ python
{'texas: '': 92.5}

Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "", line 10, in ?
    e2 = yaml.load(yammy)
  File "/home/blahblah/dl/yaml/PyYAML-3.03/lib/yaml/", line 61, in load
    return loader.get_data()
 ... etc.
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