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#158 Require ': ' to separate keys from values in the flow context pyyaml enhancement minor xi new 03/26/10
#220 yaml.dump indent parameter not affecting scalars in sequences pyyaml defect minor xi new 12/18/11
#114 Comments in the emitter pyyaml enhancement normal xi new 01/07/09
#165 parser.c can possibly dereference NULL pointer libyaml defect normal xi new 08/19/10
#98 (minor) improve code readability pyyaml enhancement trivial xi new 11/05/08
#99 remove unused variable pyyaml defect trivial xi new 11/07/08
#100 remove unused variable in scaner.scan_plain_spaces() pyyaml enhancement trivial xi new 11/07/08
#131 remove unused 'line' variable from emitter pyyaml enhancement trivial xi new 06/18/09
#10 merge map doesnt work as it should ... I think pyyaml defect normal xi assigned 05/02/06
#34 Making it easier to use libyaml in PyYAML pyyaml defect normal xi assigned 10/15/06
#45 YAML-RPC pyyaml enhancement normal xi assigned 02/28/07
#57 dump(): Insert a "blank line" after the end of an element pyyaml-legacy enhancement normal xi assigned 07/09/07
#67 PySyck does not work on 64 bit machine pysyck defect normal xi assigned 10/19/07
#76 Sets are dumped with null values pyyaml-legacy defect normal xi assigned 02/16/08
#233 Enable libyaml be built as shared library (DLL) libyaml enhancement normal xi assigned 02/08/12
#72 Building libyaml with CMake libyaml enhancement minor xi assigned 12/03/07
#1 Can't make SVN checkout... pysyck enhancement critical xi reopened 03/15/06
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