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Please help saving dict to yaml

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Hi, is there any way of saving dict to a file in yaml format? I'm using:
import yaml
y = """
         - subject1:
            desc: msg1
         - subject2:
            desc: msg2

settings['root'][0]['subject1']['desc'] = "new msg"
print settings

f = open("temp", "w")
but failing miserably, contents of the temp file:
{'root': [{'subject1': {'desc': 'new msg'}}, {'subject2': {'desc': 'msg2'}}]}

expected result:
         - subject1:
            desc: new msg
         - subject2:
            desc: msg2

Is there anything like yaml.save? Any help greatly appreciated!


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Use yaml.dump:

f = open("temp", "w")
f.write(yaml.dump(settings, default_flow_style=False))

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