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yaml.dump indent parameter not affecting scalars in sequences

Reported by: xulfir@… Owned by: xi
Priority: low Component: pyyaml
Severity: minor Keywords:


It seems that scalars in sequences aren't being affected by yaml.dump's indent parameter. This can create odd alignment mismatches when alternate indent values are used.

In python:

y = ['a', {'b':'c','d':{'e':'f','g':'h'},'i':['j','k']}, ['l', {'m':'n', 'o':'p'}, ['q','r']]]
print yaml.dump(y, default_flow_style=False, indent=4)

I expect:

-   a
-   b: c
        e: f
        g: h
    -   j
    -   k
-   -   l
    -   m: n
        o: p
    -   -   q
        -   r

Instead I get:

- a
-   b: c
        e: f
        g: h
    - j
    - k
-   - l
    -   m: n
        o: p
    -   - q
        - r

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