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dictionaries without at least one list element as values seem not to work

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Priority: normal Component: pyyaml
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>>> print yaml.dump({'name': 'Silenthand Olleander', 'race': 'Human', 'traits': 1})
{traits: 1, race: Human, name: Silenthand Olleander}
>>> print yaml.dump({'name': 'Silenthand Olleander', 'race': 'Human', 'traits': [1,2]})

traits: [1, 2]
race: Human
name: Silenthand Olleander

it seems without a list as at least one value element in dict the dump is not working properly

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First, it's not a bug. Second, it's duplicate of #18.

It's a correct output despite the fact that the style of the nested mapping is different.

If you want collections to be always serialized in a block style, try

>>> print yaml.dump({'name': 'Silenthand Olleander', 'race': 'Human', 'traits': 1}, default_flow_style=False)
name: Silenthand Olleander
race: Human
traits: 1

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