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yaml.dump seems to be broken

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I may be missing something here, but this seems to be broken:

Example that works:

>>> print yaml.dump({'name': "The Cloak 'Colluin'", 'depth': 5, 'rarity': 45, 'weight': 10, 'cost': 50000, 'flags': ['INT', 'WIS', 'SPEED', 'STEALTH']})
cost: 50000
depth: 5
name: The Cloak 'Colluin'
rarity: 45
weight: 10

Portion of above example:

>>> print yaml.dump({'name': "The Cloak 'Colluin'", 'depth': 5})
{depth: 5, name: The Cloak 'Colluin'}

I would expect to get:

depth: 5
name: The Cloak 'Colluin'

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Duplicate of #18.

It's a correct output despite the fact that the style of the nested mapping is different.

If you want collections to be always serialized in a block style, try

>>> print yaml.dump({'name': "The Cloak 'Colluin'", 'depth': 5}, default_flow_style=False)
{depth: 5, name: The Cloak 'Colluin'}

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