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Is there a way??

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a = yaml.load("""
   name: John
   number: 111

print a
{'name': 'John', 'number': 111}

ok so if I do:

print yaml.dump(a) 
{name: John, number: 11}


print yaml.dump(a, default_flow_style=False)
name: John
number: 111

My question is, is there a variable in the code that could make the block style the default output without having to reference the style preference all the time?

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There's no way to change the default behavior of the dumper, although you can create a subclass of Dumber with the desired behavior. In that case, yaml.dump(a, default_flow_style=False) will be replaced with yaml.dump(a, Dumper=MyDumper), which is hardly an improvement.

What about:

def my_dump(a):
    return yaml.dump(a, default_flow_style=False)


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