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how to install PyYaml to a linux

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I installed the PyYaml? both to a linux machine and a window machine. When I run command "import _yaml", the window machine can find the module. But on the linux, it can not find the module. I found _yaml.pyd file under the site-packages, I did not find any file with _yaml at the linux machine. I find the files (_yaml.c _yaml.h _yaml.pxd _yaml.pyx) under ext directory in the download package. What am I missing?

Thanks, -Yuan

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The module _yaml is provided by libyaml bindings for PyYAML, but you are not supposed to use it directly. First, you need to build and install libyaml. Then you'll be able to build and install the bindings. Run python setup_with_libyaml.py for that.

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