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Internal emitter error caused by yaml_emitter_set_output_string

Reported by: mzagrabe@… Owned by: xi
Priority: normal Component: libyaml
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I am attempting to parse a yaml file in some C code and have most recently tried to use:


However after compiling and running the program I receive an internal emitter error.

Files attached:

yaml_error.c mzagrabe.yaml

compiled with:

gcc -c yaml_error.c && gcc -lyaml -o yaml_error yaml_error.o

command line:

% ./yaml_error mzagrabe.yaml

libyaml version:

Debian Sid

ii libyaml-0-1 0.1.1-1 ii libyaml-dev 0.1.1-1


yaml_error.c Download (2.7 KB) - added by mzagrabe@… 9 years ago.
source code generating error condition
mzagrabe.yaml Download (48 bytes) - added by mzagrabe@… 9 years ago.
data file

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Changed 9 years ago by mzagrabe@…

source code generating error condition

Changed 9 years ago by mzagrabe@…

data file

comment:1 Changed 9 years ago by xi

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If you want to parse a file, why are you using the emitter API? Are you trying to obtain the value of a scalar event by dumping the event into a string? If so, just use event.data.scalar.value, and event.data.scalar.length.

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