18:31 Changeset [122] by xi
Add a skeleton of the emitter.
14:25 Changeset [121] by xi
Add a branch for working on Emitter.


12:05 WikiStart edited by xi
12:04 WikiStart edited by xi
Add the News section. (diff)
10:42 Changeset [120] by xi
Fix a test.
10:41 Changeset [119] by xi
Add an example: yaml highlight script. Usage: […]
08:00 Changeset [118] by xi
* Add the token STREAM-START. * Add parsing events: STREAM-START, …


20:30 Changeset [117] by xi
Loose indentation rules for the following cases: * In the flow context, …
16:29 PySyck edited by tim@…
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15:44 PySyck edited by n3npq@…
08:37 Changeset [116] by xi
Back to work :). Rename markers to marks.
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04:53 Changeset [115] by xi
Make the tag for 0.61.1.
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10:44 Changeset [114] by xi
Move old pyyaml code to the pyyaml-legacy directory.


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04:30 Ticket #1 (Can't make SVN checkout...) closed by xi
fixed: Fixed. mod_security is too jealous.
04:18 Ticket #1 (Can't make SVN checkout...) created by anonymous
I use the SVN URL  http://svn.pyyaml.org/pyyaml/trunk (from the Wikipage …
02:56 WikiStart edited by xi
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16:38 Changeset [67] by xi
Set the release day.
16:36 PySyck edited by xi


20:47 Changeset [66] by xi
Add a warning regarding untrusted sources.
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20:07 Changeset [65] by xi
Preparing setup.cfg and README.txt for the release.
19:53 PySyck edited by xi
19:48 Changeset [64] by xi
Preparing for the next release.
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19:25 WikiStart edited by xi
Add the section What implementation should you use?. (diff)
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18:28 LibSyck created by xi
Move  http://trac.xitology.org/pysyck/wiki/LibSyck
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18:23 PyYAML edited by xi
18:14 token.re.diff attached to SyckPatches by xi
patch for the Flow Ordered Maps bug
18:13 emitter.c.diff attached to SyckPatches by xi
patch for the Complex Key bug
18:11 SyckPatches edited by xi
18:11 SyckPatches created by xi
Move  http://trac.xitology.org/pysyck/wiki/SyckPatches
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Add a link to  http://python.org/. (diff)
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Move the page  http://pyyaml.dyndns.org/cgi-bin/trac.cgi/wiki/WikiStart (diff)


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Move the page  http://trac.xitology.org/pysyck/wiki/PyYAML3000
17:19 PySyck created by xi
Move the page from  http://xitology.org/pysyck/


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17:19 Changeset [63] by xi
Rename pyyaml-ng to ppyyaml to make it simpler.


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17:43 Changeset [62] by xi
Move pyyaml3000 to a separate directory.
17:40 Changeset [61] by xi
Move pysyck to the new location.
17:31 Changeset [1] by xi
Add initial directories.


04:28 Changeset [60] by xi
Fixed a silly bug in scan_line_break. Thanks Gustavo Rahal for …


15:13 Changeset [59] by xi
Remove y/n from the boolean constants.
11:08 Changeset [58] by xi
Ready for the initial release.


16:16 Changeset [57] by xi
Fix a few bugs.
15:46 Changeset [56] by xi
Constructor is done.


19:18 Changeset [55] by xi
Working on Constructor.


15:46 Changeset [54] by xi
Fix bugs in Resolver and add more tests.
15:30 Changeset [53] by xi
Implement Composer and BaseResolver?.
12:41 Changeset [52] by xi
Cleanup error messages.
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