15:44 YAMLColonInFlowContext edited by xi
11:45 Changeset [177] by xi
Add ind and qnan values to a float test.


15:27 Ticket #16 (duplicate keys in dictionary cause unpredictable behavior) closed by xi
fixed: Fixed in [176]. When a mapping node cannot be correctly represented as a …
15:11 Changeset [176] by xi
Fixed #16 (duplicate keys in dictionary cause unpredictable behavior). …
14:35 Ticket #16 (duplicate keys in dictionary cause unpredictable behavior) created by nickesk@…
When there are duplicate keys in the same dictionary, PySyck returns …


16:00 Changeset [175] by xi
Optimize slightly the float constructor.
15:50 Changeset [174] by xi
Add a test case belonging to the previous commit.
15:49 Changeset [173] by xi
Revamp the inf/nan handling again.


11:05 LibYAML edited by xi
yaml.h -> yaml/yaml.h (diff)
10:58 Changeset [172] by xi
Add doxygen support.
03:57 LibYAML edited by xi
Fix the path to yaml.h. (diff)
03:27 Ticket #15 (pyyaml discards '-' sign on negative floats) closed by xi
fixed: Fixed in [170].
03:27 Changeset [171] by xi
Add a test case for #15.
03:26 Changeset [170] by xi
Fixed #15 (pyyaml discards '-' sign on negative floats). Thanks to …


23:08 Ticket #15 (pyyaml discards '-' sign on negative floats) created by alex_(a)_alexmole_(o)_co_(o)_uk
yaml.load( 'foo: -3.1' ) returns {'foo': 3.10000} The same technique …
18:43 Changeset [169] by xi
Add the basic autoconf infrastructure.


14:32 LibYAML edited by xi
14:01 LibYAML edited by xi
12:18 LibYAML edited by xi
11:24 LibYAML created by xi
10:16 WikiStart edited by xi


14:49 Ticket #14 (Inf and NaN handling needs re-vamp) closed by xi
fixed: Strange, it works for me under Python 2.5a2 on Linux and marshal dumps and …
14:43 Changeset [168] by xi
Dynamically determine the inf and nan values. Should fix #14. Thanks to …
11:58 Ticket #14 (Inf and NaN handling needs re-vamp) created by Scott David Daniels <Scott.Daniels@…>
Trying to import YAML fails in Python 2.5. Even simple patches fail, …
08:03 Ticket #13 (Windows install broken) closed by xi
fixed: Fixed.
07:43 WikiStart edited by xi
News: PyYAML 3.02 (diff)
07:41 PyYAML edited by xi
Release: 3.02 (diff)
07:25 Changeset [167] by xi
Release: 3.02.
07:24 Changeset [166] by xi
Final touches before the release.
02:49 Changeset [165] by xi
Preparing the next release.
02:49 Changeset [164] by xi
Rename yaml-hl to yaml-highlight.


16:45 PyYAML edited by xi
16:43 PyYAMLDocumentation edited by xi
16:40 BugsInTheYAMLSpecification edited by xi
16:39 BugsInTheYAMLSpecification created by xi
16:29 WikiStart edited by xi
11:12 Changeset [163] by xi
Load yaml_hl.cfg from the script path.
10:16 SchemaProposalYGNI edited by anonymous
09:55 Ticket #13 (Windows install broken) created by anonymous
None of the source files install except the EGG-INFO directory. […]
09:53 SchemaProposalYGNI edited by ingy
09:50 SchemaProposalYGNI created by ingy
09:19 YAMLSchemaDiscussion created by ingy
08:43 WikiStart edited by ingy


13:53 PerlTagScheme edited by anonymous
13:52 PerlTagScheme edited by anonymous


15:39 Changeset [162] by xi
Add yaml.h with prototypes for basic structures.
09:01 Changeset [161] by xi
Create the place for libyaml.
08:33 PythonTagScheme created by xi
07:32 WikiStart edited by ingy
07:31 WikiStart edited by anonymous
07:24 PerlTagScheme edited by ingy
07:22 PerlTagScheme created by ingy
07:12 PyYAMLDocumentation edited by xi
07:11 PyYAMLDocumentation edited by xi
improve the alias example, thanks ingy for suggestion (diff)
06:30 YAMLTagDiscussion created by ingy
05:34 PyYAMLDocumentation edited by xi
Fix the scroll example: thanks to ingy for reporting the problem. (diff)
05:17 Changeset [160] by xi
Add the announcement message.
05:14 Changeset [159] by xi
Remake the YAML highlighting example.
05:06 PyYAMLDocumentation edited by xi
Make the Dice example less confusing; thanks ingy for suggestion. (diff)
04:09 PyYAMLDocumentation edited by ingy


17:27 Changeset [158] by xi
Fix a bug in add_path_resolver: map -> dict.


14:44 Ticket #12 (PyYAML is slow) created by edemaine@…
Here are two simple wall-clock timings comparing PyYAML to PySyck on a …


11:21 Ticket #6 (pyyaml 3000 is not in the Python cheese shop) closed by xi
fixed:  http://www.python.org/pypi/PyYAML
11:05 WikiStart edited by xi
10:56 PyYAML edited by xi
10:39 Changeset [157] by xi
10:36 Changeset [156] by xi
Final touches before the initial release.
10:02 Changeset [155] by xi
Allow first=None for add_implicit_resolver.
10:01 PyYAMLDocumentation edited by xi
09:36 PyYAMLDocumentation edited by xi
09:34 PyYAMLDocumentation edited by xi
05:21 PyYAMLDocumentation edited by xi
05:08 PyYAMLDocumentation edited by xi
04:40 PyYAMLDocumentation edited by xi
04:06 PyYAMLDocumentation edited by xi
03:51 PyYAMLDocumentation edited by xi
03:36 PyYAMLDocumentation edited by xi
03:23 PyYAMLDocumentation edited by xi
03:05 PyYAMLDocumentation edited by xi
02:51 PyYAMLDocumentation edited by xi
02:43 PyYAMLDocumentation edited by xi


18:13 Ticket #11 (Unicode support) closed by xi
fixed: Thanks, fixed in [153]. Python does not support 32-bit Unicode values.
18:12 Changeset [154] by xi
Fix a bug in a test.
18:09 Changeset [153] by xi
Fix #11 (Thanks to edemaine(at)mit.edu).
17:44 Ticket #11 (Unicode support) reopened by edemaine@…
I found a bug with allow_unicode = True: […] I believe the offending …
13:44 Ticket #11 (Unicode support) closed by xi
fixed: You are right about me wanting type(yaml.load(yaml.dump(x))) to be equal …
13:15 Ticket #11 (Unicode support) created by edemaine@…
I would like to bring up two issues with Unicode support in PyYAML's …
12:13 PyYAMLDocumentation edited by xi
10:49 PyYAMLDocumentation edited by xi


18:56 PyYAMLDocumentation edited by xi
18:48 PyYAMLDocumentation edited by xi


10:24 Ticket #9 (Forcing block style) closed by xi
fixed: Fixed in [152]. Representer chooses the style of a collection node as …
06:46 Changeset [152] by xi
Add a way to override default style chosen by Representer: fix #9


11:56 Ticket #10 (merge map doesnt work as it should ... I think) created by anonymous
Hi, It seems that the user defined directives are ignore when just after …


16:50 Ticket #9 (Forcing block style) created by edemaine@…
Is there an easy way to force the emitter to use block style instead of …


06:05 Ticket #8 (Comparison operations fail with floats (NaN and +/- Inf) in PyYAML3000 on ...) created by Peter Murphy (pkmurphy@…
This is what happens when you run the test suite under WinXP (SP2) and …
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