16:31 Ticket #18 ([bug] nested dictionnary load works dump doesn't) closed by xi
worksforme: It's a correct output despite the fact that the style of the nested …
15:26 Ticket #18 ([bug] nested dictionnary load works dump doesn't) created by eugene@…
[…] [gives] […] pyYaml 3.0.3 - Python 2.4.3 - Windows XP


15:58 Changeset [202] by xi
Implement half of the parsers.


15:39 Changeset [201] by xi
Start working on the parser.


10:52 LibYAML edited by xi
09:49 Changeset [200] by xi
Move yaml/yaml.h to yaml.h and merge version.c to api.c.
09:34 Changeset [199] by xi
Add event constructors and destructors.
07:29 Changeset [198] by xi
To make porting easier, rewrite Parser not using generators. Fix handling …


04:13 Ticket #17 (Single quote character can break emitter output) closed by xi
fixed: Thanks for the report. Fixed in [197].
04:10 Changeset [197] by xi
Fix invalid output of single-quoted scalars in cases when a single quote …
04:07 Changeset [196] by xi
Trying to make libyaml bindings faster.


16:42 PerlTagScheme edited by ingy
16:01 Ticket #17 (Single quote character can break emitter output) created by apopheniac.reply.pyyaml@…
If a string contains a space followed by a single quote character, …
01:13 PerlTagScheme edited by anonymous


07:28 LibYAML edited by xi


01:51 LibYAML edited by xi


16:30 Changeset [195] by xi
Add pyrex-based bindings for the libyaml scanner.
16:27 Changeset [194] by xi
Fix numerous bugs in the Scanner.
13:10 PyYAML edited by xi
13:09 PyYAMLDocumentation edited by xi
12:59 WikiStart edited by xi
12:56 WikiStart edited by xi
News: PyYAML-3.03 is released. (diff)
12:55 PyYAML edited by xi
Release: PyYAML-3.03 (diff)
12:38 Changeset [193] by xi
Release: PyYAML-3.03
12:30 Changeset [192] by xi
Preparing the release: PyYAML-3.03


14:04 Changeset [191] by xi
Fix a typo in a plain scalar scanner.
13:20 Changeset [190] by xi
The scanner is completed (not tested though).


16:42 Changeset [189] by xi
Implement the block scalar scanner.
03:23 Changeset [188] by xi
Fix several problems caused by ill-formed documents. The line number is …


13:29 Changeset [187] by xi
Implement scanners for directives, anchors, and tags.


17:37 Changeset [186] by xi
Scanner: implement everything except token scanners.


16:30 Changeset [185] by xi
Implementing Scanner: macros and high-level functions.


15:43 Changeset [184] by xi
Add scanner definitions. Add a basic description of all tokens produced …
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