09:51 Ticket #12 (PyYAML is slow) closed by xi
fixed: The libyaml bindings are now usable (though not as fast as possible).
09:46 Changeset [223] by xi
Completely rewrite the libyaml bindings.


08:25 Ticket #24 (dictionaries without at least one list element as values seem not to work) closed by xi
worksforme: First, it's not a bug. Second, it's duplicate of #18. It's a correct …
05:39 Ticket #24 (dictionaries without at least one list element as values seem not to work) created by anonymous
[…] […] it seems without a list as at least one value element …


12:18 Ticket #5 (PYYAML3000 does not load recursive structures.) closed by xi
fixed: Thanks for the patches, Peter. Fixed in [222].
12:16 Ticket #23 (Dictionary output not sorted.) closed by xi
fixed: Fixed in [222]. Now represent_mapping converts a dictionary to a list …
12:13 Ticket #22 (Aliases break if there are temporary objects) closed by xi
fixed: Fixed in [222]. It's a subtle bug. Thanks for the report. I've made …
12:07 Changeset [222] by xi
Subclass all base classes from object. Hold references to the objects …


08:10 LibYAML edited by xi
08:06 WikiStart edited by xi
Release LibYAML-0.0.1 (diff)
08:05 LibYAML edited by xi
07:29 Changeset [221] by xi
Create the tag for the initial release.
07:28 Changeset [220] by xi
Prepare the initial release.
05:30 LibYAML edited by xi
03:42 WikiStart edited by xi


18:24 Changeset [219] by xi
Add two examples and prepare the build system for distribution.
14:21 Ticket #23 (Dictionary output not sorted.) created by tim.hochberg@…
It is convenient to have YAML's output be consistent across runs. Some …


08:51 Changeset [218] by xi
Fix a bug when a block scalar is incorrectly emitted in the simple key …
08:50 Changeset [217] by xi
Add the run-emitter test.
08:49 Changeset [216] by xi
Fix Emitter bugs and leaks.


18:10 Changeset [215] by xi
Scalar writers are completed.


16:09 Changeset [214] by xi
Implement everything except tag and scalar writers.


19:09 Ticket #22 (Aliases break if there are temporary objects) created by tim.hochberg@…
If an object being passed to represet_data has a shorter lifespan than the …


16:32 Changeset [213] by xi
Implement Emitter state machine.


16:54 Changeset [212] by xi
Add yaml_emitter_emit_* set of functions.


07:57 Changeset [211] by xi
Add Emitter definitions and implement the Writer.


14:29 Changeset [210] by xi
Fix some leaks, segfaults and warnings.
09:52 Changeset [209] by xi
Update libyaml bindings.
09:50 Changeset [208] by xi
Refactor internal and external API.


14:09 LibYAML edited by xi
Update the API synopsis. (diff)


19:06 Ticket #21 (yaml emitter bug) closed by xi
duplicate: Duplicate of #17, fixed in [197]. If you don't want to checkout the code …
18:55 Ticket #21 (yaml emitter bug) created by rwb123@…
The following code produces bad yaml output, which subsequently dies in …
15:50 Ticket #20 (Better Support for Numeric, and NumPy) created by Numeric
Would like better support for Numeric and NumPy?. In the old pyYaml created …
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