22:23 Ticket #28 (Incorrect handling of strings with trailing spaces) created by yang
The following fails because the trailing space is dropped. I don't know …


09:53 Changeset [233] by xi
Fix loading an empty YAML stream.


07:36 Ticket #27 (yaml.dump seems to be broken) closed by xi
worksforme: Duplicate of #18. It's a correct output despite the fact that the style …
07:28 Ticket #27 (yaml.dump seems to be broken) created by anonymous
I may be missing something here, but this seems to be broken: Example …


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14:31 WikiStart edited by xi
PyYAML-3.04: Release! (diff)
14:28 Changeset [232] by xi
Create the 3.04 tag.
14:26 Changeset [231] by xi
Amend the announce message.
14:21 PyYAMLDocumentation edited by xi
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06:41 Changeset [230] by xi
Update README and the announcement message.
05:34 Changeset [229] by xi
Fix makefile and add setup.cfg.
05:10 Changeset [228] by xi
Fix a test to work under Python 2.3.


15:37 Changeset [227] by xi
Preparing the next release.


17:13 Ticket #26 (yaml.load("a: n") raises exception (problem with bool)) closed by xi
fixed: Fixed in [226]. This issue was discussed on the mailing list and there …
17:07 Changeset [226] by xi
The 'N' plain scalar was still recognized as !!bool. Fix it (close …
16:57 Ticket #26 (yaml.load("a: n") raises exception (problem with bool)) created by zbynek.winkler@…
r59 claims to "Remove y/n from the boolean constants." However 'n|N' is …
14:27 Ticket #25 (Constructor and representer for datetimes with timezone do not match) closed by xi
fixed: Fixed in [225], although I'm not entirely happy with throwing away tzinfo. …
14:22 Changeset [225] by xi
Fix timestamp constructing and representing (close #25).
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