20:16 Ticket #29 (Keeping mapping keys ordered) closed by xi
wontfix: I won't add this kind of functionality to the PyYAML core for two reasons: …
19:54 Ticket #55 (Why can't I do "Abilities: Skills: Meele: Sword Staff"?) closed by xi
invalid: The line […] is not valid according to the YAML specs since block nodes …
19:47 Ticket #62 (value token of single period ('.') is parsed incorrectly, throws wrong ...) closed by xi
fixed: Fixed in [260].
19:47 Changeset [260] by xi
A single dot is not a float value (fixes #62).
19:42 BugsInTheYAMLSpecification edited by xi
18:23 Ticket #69 (scalar value of escaped double-newline parsed as a single newline) closed by xi
invalid: Is \n in your examples a new line character or just two symbols: \ and …
17:54 Ticket #70 (really slow on large input ...) closed by xi
worksforme: Have you tried to parse the file with a libyaml based parser? […]
17:51 Ticket #68 (PyYAML don't load datetime objects dumped with PySyck) closed by xi
wontfix: It's correct: !timestamp is YAML 1.0 syntax while PyYAML supports YAML …
17:17 Ticket #66 (ScannerError in fetch_more_tokens) closed by xi
worksforme: The error message speaks for itself: you cannot start a plain scalar with …


22:56 Ticket #70 (really slow on large input ...) created by lal.george@…
yaml.load appears to be really (really) slow on large input. My string is …
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