11:53 Ticket #96 (Added note about UnicodeError instead of the tuple of multiple classes. ...) created by mike@…
[…] This can be fixed by changing line 115 of …


13:02 YAMLColonInFlowContext edited by crwth@…
another example (diff)


22:35 Ticket #95 (Libyaml svn revision 298 does not compile) created by michael.the.drummer@…
Current trunk (revision 298) of libyaml does not compile no either my …


11:56 Changeset [298] by xi
Fixed the distutils script to run when installed using easy_install and …


15:15 Ticket #94 (Can't install pyyaml with easy_install on Mac OS X) closed by Stephen.Pascoe@…
fixed: Fixed with setuptools-0.6c9 I diagnosed this problem today. setuptools …


15:12 Ticket #94 (Can't install pyyaml with easy_install on Mac OS X) created by Stephen.Pascoe@…
Just thought I'd try out YAML on my Mac and did […] If I want to use …


15:21 Ticket #93 (setup.py install --record-rpm lists _yaml.so even if not build) created by werner.ho@…
pyyaml version 3.06. the bug wasn't there in 3.05 I'm installing pyyaml …


15:23 PyYAMLDocumentation edited by xi
Updated the version and setup.py information (diff)
15:20 WikiStart edited by xi
15:17 PyYAML edited by xi
14:53 Changeset [297] by xi
Created the 3.06 tag.
14:31 Changeset [296] by xi
Final touches in README.
14:24 Changeset [295] by xi
Dropped tests from the source distribution since LibYAML bindings do not …


22:40 Changeset [294] by xi
Python 2.3 and win32 compatibility fixes in setup.py.
22:38 Changeset [293] by xi
Updated Visual Studio projects to use MSVCRT.dll.
20:24 Changeset [292] by xi
Check if libyaml is installed before attempting to compile the libyaml …
19:16 Changeset [291] by xi
Added the script tests/test_all.py.
19:16 Changeset [290] by xi
Dropped setuptools-based setup.py in favor of custom distribution and …


11:06 Changeset [289] by xi
Dropped the 3.06 tag till the remaining setuptools issues are fixed.
10:56 Changeset [288] by xi
Fixed include_dirs and library_dirs for the Windows build.
10:55 Changeset [287] by xi
Fixed include_dirs and library_dirs for the Windows build.
10:38 Changeset [286] by xi
Updated the manifest file.
10:37 Changeset [285] by xi
Updated the manifest file.
09:58 Changeset [284] by xi
Tagged the 3.06 release.
09:46 Changeset [283] by xi
Updated announcement.msg.
09:44 Ticket #85 (PyYaml don't have a version) closed by xi
fixed: Fixed in [282].
09:44 Changeset [282] by xi
Added attributes yaml.version and yaml.libyaml (fixes …
09:29 Changeset [281] by xi
Added a setuptools installer 'ez_setup.py'.
09:12 Changeset [280] by xi
Updated Makefile to use 'setup.py --with-libyaml'.
09:08 Changeset [279] by xi
Updated README, announcement and MANIFEST files for the 3.06 release.
08:34 Ticket #33 (PyYAML + libyyaml shouldn't need PyRex) closed by xi
fixed: Fixed in [275] by using setuptools for setup.py.
08:25 Changeset [278] by xi
Updated setup.cfg to use the stable branch of libyaml; added Python 2.6 …
08:20 Changeset [277] by xi
Added project files for Visual Studio 2008.
07:56 Changeset [276] by xi
Added a test for single dot being a float bug.
07:45 Changeset [275] by xi
Use setuptools for setup.py. Dropped setup_with_libyaml.py; to build …
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