21:10 Ticket #140 (Plain equal sign (=) as node content results in an error) created by pyyaml@…
A plain equal sign (=) as node fails as invalid YAML. == STEPS TO …


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06:36 Changeset [369] by xi
Removed python-porting from the announcement list.
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New releases (diff)
05:52 PyYAML edited by xi
Released PyYAML-3.09 (diff)
05:13 Changeset [368] by xi
Merged encoding fixes from the trunk.
05:09 Changeset [367] by xi
Fixed tests on the Windows platform.
04:47 Changeset [366] by xi
Fixed another encoding issue.


17:02 Ticket #130 (Python 3.1 support?) closed by xi
fixed: http://pyyaml.org/download/pyyaml/PyYAML-3.09.win32-py3.1.exe
16:57 LibYAML edited by xi
Released LibYAML 0.1.3 (diff)
16:09 Changeset [365] by xi
Tagging the next release.
16:06 Changeset [364] by xi
Minor formatting cleanup.
15:51 Changeset [363] by xi
Tagging the next release.
15:50 Changeset [362] by xi
Property changes.
15:32 Changeset [361] by xi
Fixed Python 3.1 incompatibility issues.


20:07 Changeset [360] by xi
Preparing the next release.
20:04 Changeset [359] by xi
Fixed sorting of dict.keys() generator.
19:32 Changeset [358] by xi
Added a short note on changes in this release.
19:08 Changeset [357] by xi
Preparing the 0.1.3 release.
18:37 Changeset [356] by xi
Added a note that Python 3.1 is supported.
18:32 Ticket #47 (Cannot compile under gcc version 3.3.5) closed by xi
duplicate: It is already fixed!
18:28 Changeset [355] by xi
Merged some bug fixes from lib to lib3.
18:16 Ticket #117 (Key Ordering) closed by xi
invalid: The above comment is correct, keys() are not obliged to return …
18:13 Ticket #118 (Strange case where yaml.load should error but actually loads) closed by xi
fixed: Fixed in [354].
18:12 Changeset [354] by xi
Fixed a problem with a scanner error not detected when no line break at …
17:33 Ticket #120 (typo in yaml.__init__.py) closed by xi
fixed: Fixed in [353].
17:33 Changeset [353] by xi
Fixed a typo in docstring.
17:32 Ticket #122 (Bool tag doesn't accept all defined variants) closed by xi
wontfix: The type description at  http://yaml.org/type/bool.html is obsolete. …
17:26 Ticket #123 (libyaml parser hangs when reading all in one read from a TCP socket.) closed by xi
fixed: Thank you for the report. Fixed in [352].
17:26 Changeset [352] by xi
Do not update the raw buffer when not necessary (fixes #123).
17:01 Ticket #129 (Incorrect Unicode BOM generation) closed by xi
fixed: Thank you for the report and the fix. Fixed in [351]. UTF-32 is not …
16:59 Changeset [351] by xi
Fixed emitting of invalid BOM for UTF-16.
15:59 Ticket #133 (does not compile on os x intel ld not of required architecture) closed by xi
invalid: Looks like you need to reinstall libyaml. It seems you have a ppc …
15:43 Ticket #136 (Pure-python emitter fails emitting tag represented as a mapping) closed by xi
invalid: Replace dumper.represent_mapping(None, {"foo": "bar"} ) with …
15:17 Ticket #137 (PROPOSED FIX:memory corruption and bad aliases) closed by xi
fixed: Thank you for the report and the analysis. The bug is fixed in [350].
15:15 Changeset [350] by xi
Fixed a problem when CDumper incorrectly serializes a node anchor.
15:13 Changeset [349] by xi
Removed obsolete 'package_dir' line.


15:47 Ticket #139 (please update for yaml-1.2 support) created by redbeard0531@…
I was thinking about using pyyaml as a lax json parser, so users could …


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