22:53 Ticket #181 (No symbols exported from yaml.dll) closed by xi
fixed: Fixed in [372].
22:41 Changeset [372] by xi
Use _WIN32 instead of WIN32 as the latter is not defined by Visual C.


21:59 Ticket #173 (Python regular expression named groups breaks (?) pyyaml) closed by xi
21:58 Ticket #177 (Secirity risk: easy_install reads a wiki page to get tarball path) closed by xi
fixed: Fixed by making the page read-only.
21:53 Ticket #183 (Simple event generated code fails with MemoryError while around 100 bytes ...) closed by xi
invalid: The value parameter of ScalarEvent must be a Unicode string (or …
21:47 Ticket #184 (Invalid sequence handling) closed by xi


08:55 Ticket #190 (PyYAML always uses pickle protocol 2 although Python 2.6 only supports 0 ...) created by Marcus Lindblom Sonestedt <macke@…>
I get this when I save my data, which has no problem with pickle.dump, but …
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