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-- - the home of various YAML implementations for Python

We are moving; some links may not work.


PySyck is a Python binding to  Syck, a C library for reading and writing YAML in scripting languages (moved from and

PyYAML 3.*

PyYAML 3000 is the next generation YAML parser for Python (moved from

PyYAML 0.*

PyYAML Legacy is the original implementation developed by various authors (moved from

To Do

  • Complete transferring the content to the new site. Move the pyyaml-legacy svn repository to the new site.
  • Release PySyck-0.60. Make a tarball for syck including SyckPatches.
  • Fix grammar issues of PyYAML 3000 according to the discussion on YAML-core. Release it.
  • Write a simple "canonical" YAML parser and a paper explaining the method.
  • Emitter.
  • libyaml3000.

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