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PySyck is a Python binding to  Syck, a C library for reading and writing YAML in scripting languages (moved from and

PyYAML 3.*

PyYAML 3000 is the next generation YAML parser for Python (moved from

PyYAML 0.*

PyYAML Legacy is the original implementation developed by various authors (moved from

What implementation should you use?

Read this if you are confused trying to choose a suitable implementation.

  • PyYAML 3000 is the most promising implementation, but it is still very young. PyYAML 3000 is a pure Python  YAML 1.1 parser supporting all the features of YAML including Unicode. It does not yet include a YAML emitter. Use PyYAML 3000 if you need a YAML parser and do not need a YAML emitter. For example, PyYAML 3000 is excellent for configuration files.
  • PySyck is a Python binding to the C library  Syck. Syck supports  YAML 1.0 (w/o Unicode) and provides both parser and emitter. Use PySyck if you really need a YAML emitter. For instance, PySyck may be used as a pickle replacement.
  • PyYAML Legacy is an old implementation of YAML parser and emitter for Python. It seems to be abandoned. Use PyYAML Legacy if your project already relies on this code.

To Do

  • Complete transferring the content to the new site. Move the pyyaml-legacy svn repository to the new site.
  • Release PySyck-0.60. Make a tarball for syck including SyckPatches.
  • Fix grammar issues of PyYAML 3000 according to the discussion on YAML-core.
  • Write an example program (yaml-highlight) for PyYAML. It should insert tags at the beginning and the end of each token and parser event and use YAML for configuration.
  • Release PyYAML 3000.
  • Write a simple "canonical" YAML parser and a paper explaining the method.
  • Emitter.
  • libyaml3000.

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